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Parent and community engagement is a cornerstone of Head Start’s success.

Volunteers are a vital piece of our program. We have a great need for volunteers in a number of areas including:

  • Helping in a classroom

  • Class Preparation

  • Mentoring a parent by providing an opportunity to job shadow

  • Cleaning, painting, and helping with the general repair of the facilities

  • Sharing a special talent such as music, gardening, training animals, art, juggling

  • Donating funds or items of need for our program such as books, paper, etc.

  • Inviting us to your business to share our mission with your co-workers

Who can volunteer?


Anyone who has a passion for enriching the lives of children and families is a potential volunteer.

Why are volunteers so important to Wyoming Child and Family Development (WCFD)?

In addition to helping our program run more smoothly, each volunteer’s contribution of time is assigned a dollar value and counted as a donation. In order for our program to qualify for the federal grant which covers 80% of our operating budget, WCFD is required to collect donations totaling 25% of our budget. Donations of volunteer time help us meet this requirement. Your volunteerism is tax-deductible.

How do I get involved?


For more information about volunteering for Wyoming Child and Family Development, please contact the Family and Community Partnership Coordinator - or your local center.

Gina Olson, Family Services and Community Partnership Coordinator
Wyoming Child and Family Development

Volunteer Application

Check all that Apply
Are you over 16 years of age?
Areas you would like to volunteer for or learn more about

Emergency Contact Information

It is important that we celebrate each family’s unique qualities. We would enjoy having you visit our

classroom or discovery group and share what is special to you. Some ideas may be: hobbies, sports, crafts,

favorite family foods, etc.

Do you have any previous arrests, pending charges and/or convictions in: Child Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse/ Neglect, and/or Violent Felonies (a crime resulting in a physical injury / use of a weapon during a crime)?

I have completed a Standard of Conduct Form.  I have also been provided Volunteer Training information, including A Guide to Volunteering and the Family Handbook.  Other volunteer training materials that are available include: Volunteer Handbook, Volunteer Video, CPR and First Aid Training.  
I understand that because there are program, state and federal requirements on the child: staff ratios, I will need to find alternate care for my children when volunteering at the center, unless my child is enrolled in the classroom/Discovery Group in which I am volunteering. 
I understand that WCFD reserves the right to deny or limit the scope of my ability to volunteer based on the above information, that my application must be approved by the appropriate staff before I am authorized to volunteer and that I may be asked to participate in the Central Registry background check before my application is approved. 

Thanks for submitting!
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